Lushpin a little story 1600
Evgeny Lushpin

A Little Story

30" x 20" o.c.2012
About Artist

The day he left, she straightened her figure in front of the mirror and knew the damage was over. She gathered the remains of her broken soul with the determination of a warrior, to which she added her natural tenderness. She wrote tirelessly and with unrestrained pleasure. She won awards and obtained recognition. The bar she sees from her window was her refuge during countless days and nights of anguish. She transformed her pain into words under the light of each lamp, at each table. Now her cat stares at her uneasily. She goes from the window facing the bar to the opposite window, where she looks at him. Under his umbrella, with confident steps, he approaches. The cat follows her. Over here… the bar, the lights, the books, the words shouted through writing. Freedom. Over there… with the eternal certainty of being the owner of all times and spaces, him. Within a minute, she will go down the stairs and face her destiny. Her cat finds it indecipherable. She doesn´t.  (by Clarina Pertine)