Lushpin a little story 1600
Evgeny Lushpin

A Little Story

30" x 20" o.c.2012
About Artist

In such a limited point of view, this painting only make use of very few subjects. The effect of the rainy night brings more character to it. The way the evening lights reflect on the wet stony pavement made the gloominess and dinginess disappear. Unlike most alleys, this one is not at all scary. One of the residences seem to look like a mansion. A closed shop can also be seen. If you look closely at the window in the middle of the painting, you will notice a silhouette of a cat and owner, both staring outside, at the rainy alley. At its core, the painting is very basic and simple. But it is quite surprising how a painting of a small rainy alley was made heartwarming through the use of right elements.