Lushpin campobasso 1600
Evgeny Lushpin

Campobasso Evening

32" x 28" o.c.2012
About Artist

This portrait of a lovely Italian evening is a different version from the norm. Usually when we see paintings about Italy, we see paintings about the city life in Venice, the greens of Tuscan fields, some cathedrals, or coveted tourist spots like the leaning tower of Pisa. Rarely do we ever see artworks about the lifestyle of Italian people in lesser known areas, such as Campobasso Italy. Except for this one. Truth be told, the place is not that special. But, looking at the painting, it sure showed the beauty of life at the most basic sense. It has a charm to it. The beautiful night sky and the crawling vines that made the houses more quaint – these details can improve the ambiance in any home.