Lushpin cold harmony
Evgeny Lushpin

Cold Harmony

28" x 28" o.c.2008
About Artist

Dear son, last night I asked you to separate, from among my belongings, the ones you believed identified me more accurately. I was considering the idea of writing about myself based on the objects you had chosen. Today I woke up and saw them. There they are, arranged according to the sublime harmony of your soul. The green bottle emanates the memories of the wine I decorously drank when I was surrounded by my loyal readers. The brown vase, instead, exhales the scent of the drinks I used to share with you during my innumerable sleepless nights, while I kept writing feverishly. The coffee jar, always in your hands, now lies still and reminds me of the loving way in which you used to hand it to me when you woke me up while dawn was breaking and I slept with my forehead on my notes. I was deeply moved when I touched the shells you had collected when you were still a child, on beaches whose names I can´t remember. You proudly gave them to me as a present. I treasured them without daring to confess it to you. I can see that you have placed one of the shells on a pedestal. That's where you still keep the image you have of me -due to your kindness and not to my merit-. Finally, the two spheres. One of them forms an intricate labyrinth, which you humorously compare with my complex mind. The other one, the golden sphere, brightly reflects the space where we have spent together most of our lives. This house, which still misses the presence of your mother, was and still is a very special retreat for us. Together we have managed to transform it into a home. Thank you, my son! You have beautifully defined me through your art and you have also made me change my plans: I will write about you.  (by Clarina Pertine)