Do you remember 32 d1 8520 o c 2015 2000
Evgeny Lushpin

Do you remember?

20" x 32" o.c.2015
About Artist

Welcome to New Orleans, where the music and the fun never cease. Despite the rainy Bourbon street, which is used as the sole inspiration for the painting, you are still reminded of the fun vibe this city offer. Festivities are always ongoing, left and right. Adding this masterpiece inside your home can uplift your senses. No room for bad moods. The bright lights seem to counter the drizzling of what is an obviously dreary night. No matter how cloudy the night sky is, the people of New Orleans certainly will not it get to them. Definitely people who have high spirits. This fun cityscape should be hang in your entertainment area or anywhere you feel like having a pick me up.