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Evgeny Lushpin

Golden Moment

24" x 34" o.c.2013
About Artist

The hour of the lamps is that time of the evening when the lights begin to turn on gently while the sun goes down and the night stilthealy appears. It is a visible instance which requires no time accuracy, for it responds to incantations of the soul. A crucial time, owner of an influence which is sometimes balsamic and other times, lacerating. Its power does not admit evasion. It is imperative to surrender to its beauty. Everything is intense in the hour of the lamps. Overwhelming and inevitable, it triumphantly stands between heaven and earth, escorted by blue mists. It is then when the toughest ropes are untied, a song or a prayer rise, a new love is born, a poem or a child are engendered, a battle is started or concluded..   (by Clarina Pertine)