Lushpin montmartre spring1600
Evgeny Lushpin

Montmartre Spring

34" x 26" o.c.2013
About Artist

It is Paris, no doubt. And it is Montmartre. We could have never been there, and yet we would know. Probably the certainty would be whispered by the blue parasols or the blue dusk. The rain has given way to a slight breeze that clears the sky, although some passers still cling to their umbrellas. Perhaps they don´t quite trust the dim sun which seems to be playing hide and seek. Or maybe that way they feel protected from the spell that will inevitably overtake them in this hour. When it happens, they will have to fall in love just across some corner or release their tears while descending the wide stairs or make a vital decision as they cross the street or forgive themselves under the benevolent light of any lamp. The rain brought the spell and the night will soon take it away. Such as the passers do, we only have to make room for it and seize the instant. It should not be hard. After all, it is Paris.    (by Clarina Pertine)