Lushpin morning glow 1600
Evgeny Lushpin

Morning Glow

28" x 23" o.c.2013
About Artist

The child sits at a respectful distance from the tree, which has known him since he was born seven years ago and has been his confidant and his best friend ever since. The one that invites him every summer to read fantastic tales under its shadow for hours, until his mother calls him from the small cabin where they live and lovingly asks him to tell her what those stories are about, to reveal to her the miracle that keeps him immobile and excited with his back against the trunk. During the autumn he collects the yellow and red leaves and saves them as his most precious treasure. Spring prompts him to climb the branches of the tree and watch the horizon he is sure to reach some day, when he visits those worlds which his books describe. In winter the child and his tree get closer than ever, because he likes to keep it company while it snows and also because it’s bare branches seem to ask him for a hug. Now he looks at the tree and then his eyes turn towards home. The smoke from the chimney and the light in the window tell him that his mother is preparing his breakfast. Soon he will run to her and start his day. But first he takes a moment to observe the uninhabited cabins. Those two cabins that according to his mother are one at a certain distance from the other and yet, from his spot near the tree, he has always seen together, almost touching each other, as if they were exchanging words of love or sharing an important secret or simply wrapping up one another while they wait for their future owners. He stares at them and silently consults his tree, which waves its branches and thus confirms what he sees with the eyes of his soul. Now, he is ready to fly down and enjoy his breakfast. Now everything is in order again. (by Clarina Pertine)