Lushpin morning glow 1600
Evgeny Lushpin

Morning Glow

28" x 23" o.c.2013
About Artist

If you've always lived in tropical areas where winter seldom occurs, then this painting is definitely for you! Envision yourself sitting at home, all sweaty from the heat, as you stare into this marvelous painting of a winter sunrise. It's as if you can feel the cold morning breeze caress your face and your fingers start to freeze. You're on top a snowy mountain and you have an amazing view of the sunrise in the distance. The sunlight gives you a clearer view of the horizon and you start to see lots of mountains covered in snow. Just a few meters from you is a home with smoke coming out from its chimney. You can somehow hear people talking inside and as you peek through the window, you see a family all nestled up around the fireplace. Each has a cup of hot coffee in hand as they talk about random things that happened in their life. It's true that even though this is a winter painting, it can still make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.