Lushpin paris evening 2600
Evgeny Lushpin

Paris Evening

22" x 33" o.c.2013
About Artist

She has just found the perfect spot. The exact corner on the balcony where she will stand to take the most beautiful photograph ever obtained by anyone. While she observes every detail through the lens, her skillful  fingers adjust the camera so that everything looks the way she sees it. The clear sky of this Paris evening crossed by some slight and pink clouds. The Eiffel tower, powerful and proud, giving the night permission to make its grand entrance. The golden glimmer of the city. And her home. Her hundreds of flowers. The impeccable table which her sons have just left in a hurry in order to open the door to him. Him. The man she has timidly been talking about for a while, with some reserve. The one who has loved her in silence for years, and now walks towards her but suddenly stops for a moment to let her take the picture of the instant before his proposal. The fugitive moment of the empty table and her sons playing music in the living-room and her man surrounding her waist with his arms and whispering to her that the time of never saying good bye again has come at last. The time of getting married and spending their honeymoon on the balcony with a glass of wine, the glorious time of walzing together and celebrating their eighty-ninth birthday today, in this Paris evening where, except their age, everything matters. (by Clarina Pertine)