Lushpin placidity
Evgeny Lushpin


34" x 24" o.c.2010
About Artist

A cafe in Venice is like a dream come true particularly with it located just beside the town’s canal. The view alone from this tiny cafe is enough to take you to heaven. The sky is gradually transitioning from afternoon tonight as the clouds float towards the west. You can faintly see the skies at the space and you really feel like its smiling at you from the sky. You can also find a gondola parked directly with the cafe, it is probable that the gondolier is with a cup of coffee after a day’s job. On another side of the canal, there is a little restaurant with seats and tables placed out along the streetwalk. A couple enjoys their dinner as they discuss their future under the night sky. This gorgeous cityscape painting of Venice in the evening just takes your breath away.