Lushpin rainy evening
Evgeny Lushpin

Rainy Evening

20" x 28" o.c.2009
About Artist

The lamp-posts start to light up the sidewalk flanking the bridge. Almost at the same time, in perfect synchronicity and as if responding to an ancient covenant, the lights from the windows of the houses all around shine forth.

It is but a dim glow, such as raindrops. They both lean their elbows on the balustrade. The umbrella plays the decisive role of bringing them closer.

Their heart doesn't weigh in their chest any more, after so many years anchored to the thick steel of guilt. Their heartbeat no longer charges forth unrestrained, frenzied and insomniac. Today it beats serene, melodious and tender like the reminder of an old love that no longer hurts. It is the magic of this crucial hour: the rain blurs the pain, and the evening lights cast their glow on love, which shall shine once more, radiantly (by Clarina Pertine)