Editions and Pricing:

Original Oil on Canvas
18" x 44"
Giclee Limited Editions
Artist Proof
18" x 44"
Giclee Canvas 20 Total
Signed and Numbered
18" x 44"
Giclee Canvas 100 Total
Lushpin retro
Evgeny Lushpin


18" x 44" o.c.2009
About Artist

Those old photographs along with the vintage camera will surely make you miss your grandparent's home. Certainly, you have seen classic photos during your vacation time with them. The deteriorating white rose and compact mirror added an interesting flair to the painting It provides the much needed feminine touch. The old books, on the other hand (of course these are expected to be seen in a shelf) gave a more retro feel to the whole masterpiece. The other small details did not go unnoticed. Even the huge amber bottle was able to make the photo seem more antique. For people who appreciate antique finds, this will certainly be a treat.