Lushpin retro
Evgeny Lushpin


18" x 44" o.c.2008
About Artist

I have to do it… Empty the shelf. And yet my fingers can hardly graze over these few objects that describe her. So far, I have only managed to half-open the lid of her jewelry box, and gently slip out her strand of pearls, whose beads remind me each of the moments I clung around her neck as a child; just seeing them was enough to hold back my tears. If I were to open the perfume glass stopper, the enchantment of its fragrance would prevent me from starting. I have consequently thought up a plan: I will pluck the petals off the white rose and save them among the pages of the books on the shelf. I will fill the bottle with wine and raise the silver glass to her memory. I will rearrange the photos so that everyone can see them. I will wear her ring and her powder compact, and wash the shells out of the ashes of time. Finally, I will slip my soul through the black pleated folding box of the old camera, and there, curled up among seconds once stolen to eternity, I will celebrate my mother and her immense love. (by Clarina Pertine)