Tahoe sunrise 48x32
Evgeny Lushpin

Tahoe Sunrise

48" x 32" o.c.2016
About Artist
"Tahoe Sunrise" is a sunrise painting that's sure to brighten up your home. With its jaw-dropping view of the Lake Tahoe sunrise, anyone looking at it will be transported to a whole different place. You can just about see the silhouette of a mountain range not too far from the distance and also the tall, green trees surrounding the lake. The sun is rising in the distance signalling the a new day is about to start. You can almost feel the soft morning breeze touching your face as you see the trees gracefully dancing along with it. From above the beautiful Lake Tahoe, you can see how calm the waters are during the morning as if it just woke up as well. Surely, this Lake Tahoe painting is one that's worthy of your home's wall.