Lushpin the venice of the north 3000
Evgeny Lushpin

The Venice of the North

24" x 48" o.c.2013
About Artist

Still waters lap a gentle tune against ancient mortars. Soft snow falls, creating a whispy pattern of whiteness that changes the midnigh sky to a dusky silver. Off in the distance the faint sounds of church bells welcome the evening as the crystal sky engulfs a sleeping city. Can you hear the cries of the night gulls sweeping across the gentle breezes? Or the sailors whispers as their ships pass just out of sight on the way to mystical distant lands? Soon, a light appears in a corner window, a feint but welcoming beacon to families comforted by glowing fires and loving embraces that warm the chilly night air. Tranquility falls. Peace pervades. And soon, spirits and dreams rule the night until the morning dawn returns again.