The walk home
Evgeny Lushpin

The Walk Home

24" x 26" o.c.2015
About Artist

It is interesting how the gloomy sky does not seem to have an impact on how warm and inviting this painting is. It just does not seem to have an effect on the glorious fall colors used in the painting. This autumn painting's main focus is the house in the middle of it. But, honestly, this house is more than just a house. It feels like home. In one glance, there is a comforting vibe to it. It feels like you belong there, like you have had barbecue and ate at the outdoor table, or threw stones at the lake trying to get rid of your reflection on water. It seems to create a sense of de ja vu to a lot of people. That is how powerfully enticing this painting is. Keep yourself magnetized by hanging this beauty in your living room.